American citizens’ panic as Federal Government ends unemployment benefits Sept 4.

Last year, the Federal Government increased the safety net for those who don’t have a job to a historic degree. Most notably about this action was that the U.S. was experiencing a quick economic downturn in its history. In March 2020, the American Government passed the CARES Act into Law. That raised weekly jobless benefits by $600 and, later, $300 a week for workers who are ineligible for traditional state benefits, such as gig workers, part-timers, and self-employed. The Government also extended the period Americans can collect this aids. Last December and again in March this year, Congress extended the programs but opted not to do so the third time. According to an estimate by Century Foundation, 3 million Americans will have their weekly benefits reduced. At the same time, another 9 million Americans will lose their benefits by Labor Day. 

Many Families are worried about what will happen next. Misty Todd, a 37-year-old woman, living in Las Vegas, lost her job in March last year. Ever since then, she has been using the unemployment benefit to pay for her bills. Right now, she is not sure about how she will pay her rent, groceries, and other essentials for her 2-months old baby. Misty’s husband, Varick Jones, 42, will also lose his benefits. Like his partner, he lost his job at a restaurant and hasn’t found another. “We were surviving off unemployment,” Misty said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. “I don’t have a job and no way to pay my rent or anything else.” For millions of Americans, challenging times lay ahead as the Federal unemployment assistance comes to an end.


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